Over the years I've given plenty of advice (sometimes unsolicited). Some advice hit hard and some advice sucker punched me in the gut.

You might think someone has more than you, is better looking than you and smarter than you, but not everyone sees it the same way.

Try not to judge yourself. There are plenty of assholes that will do that for you.

It's okay to say I love you first, to anyone, at anytime. PERIOD.

Do not forget where you came from, appreciate the small stuff and remember it will all be gone one day.

Never miss an opportunity to tell those whom you love; that you love them.

The phone works both ways so don't wait for someone you have been wanting to talk to, to call you.

Saying "I'm sorry" is not weak. Admitting your wrong is not weak. Letting go is not weak. Crying is not weak. Caring about someone is not weak.

Having a bad day is completely acceptable.

Letting someone know they hurt you helps them grow. It also helps you heal.

Being in control does NOT mean you have your shit together.

One of the most important things to remember is that you are human and you WILL make mistakes, so will others around you; so be mindful when someone is asking you for forgiveness because one day you may be asking them for the same in return.

When you offer forgiveness to someone else, you are also offering forgiveness to yourself.

The stranger standing next to you on a street could be responsible for saving your life at any given moment so be kind.

THE most powerful gift you can offer yourself and others is to love unconditionally and to let them love you the same way in return.

Slow down!! Make sure to pause and take it all in. You do NOT want to be the first one to life's finish line.

Just because someone has a past doesn't mean it is their future. However, if you let your past become your present it will inevitably become your future.

 No matter what you accumulate in life you don't get to take it with you in death so build memories while building fortunes.  

You can learn the most from listening to someone talk and yourself is not included.

Building walls doesn't just keep people out, it also keeps you locked in.

No matter what someone may or  may not say, you are good enough!  Usually this is someone's misplaced insecurity so don't mistake it for yours. Do  not make it a game of finders keepers.

Never say I love you if you don't mean it.

You don't always have to be right and if you think you always are then you're wrong more often than you realize.

Practice makes permanent not perfect because there is no such thing.

Just because the person you're dating has an ex doesn't mean you will be one.

Sometimes you'll feel like you know everything. In that moment you might, but a new moment is only moments away.

Real friends are very rare and hard to find.  They're usually the ones who never mention what a good friend they are, they show you. Be a shower not a sayer.

Your past does not have to define you but it is very much a part of who you are and always will be.

We aren't born with the promise of longevity, we just expect it. We need to all quit living as if we will be here forever because you never know when forever will become tomorrow. Life only becomes unfair when we take it for granted.

You are where you are in life because of YOUR choices, nobody else is responsible for what your life is or isn't.

Best friends are not someone you lose yourself in but rather that person that stops at nothing to find you when you're lost.

Sometimes you may just need to it even if people can hear you.

The only limitations in life are the ones you impose on yourself. You are the only person or thing that holds you back.

The importance of sharing your life with someone is so they too can validate your existence and you can validate theirs.

Don't ever get too old to listen and use someone's advice.

Contrary to old wise tale, just because you're older does NOT make you wiser. Just ask your parents.

Being skinny isn't whats makes someone sexy....confidence and a great smile does.

Just because someone is confidant doesn't mean they too aren't insecure about something.

Before putting yourself down just remember your words could be more damaging to someone else in the room if they aspire to be exactly what you are making a negative.

When you're feeling lonely in a crowded room ask yourself what am I missing...your subconscious will be brutally honest.

If you don't value what you have achieved, accomplished or obtained you will never understand the loss. Without gratitude you may lose it.

Not showing your feelings is weaker than showing your feelings.

Be who are and love who you want even if you have to stand alone. When you are true to yourself you won't be standing alone for long.

The smallest actions can reveal the most telling things about yourself and others around you so live honestly and pay attention.

When someone else's motives are empty there will never be anything there to fill you up. Move on.

You'll never be able to stop your heart from being broken so stop trying and just live.

Saying I love you is easy but really loving someone unconditionally is not.

If you need to be needed quit pretending like you don't need to be needed.

Without personal accountability and ownership there is no resolution. 

It's not whether or not your past defines you it's how you let it define you.

Holding on to drama does not give validity to the issue itself, it only gives validity to you being dramatic.

You can’t see what’s behind you if you’re still standing in the tunnel of darkness so stop looking back.

The thing about words is that they have the ability to carry on long after they come out of your mouth and can potentially be more damaging than a weapon.  Do not be careless with your words as they tend to never be forgotten.


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