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Be true to yourself but not full of yourself...July 15, 2019

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Dear GG...I’m gonna give you a piece of advice and I hope you really you listen.

Be true to yourself but not full of yourself. Instagram is a lie and if you spend the rest of your life chasing the next piece of content you are going to miss out on the things that count and friends that are real. No matter what your status is or what you acquire in life, the only thing you take with you in death are the stories people tell about you when you're gone, not the ones you manufactured for the gram so don’t be a shitty human when the camera is not rolling as THAT is your true legacy.

This is a piece of advice FOR LIFE not just for this moment.

But wait, there is more...

Your lack of care or concern or even acknowledgment of how much was given to you this past month was astounding. You had little concern about the “footprint” you left by being able to stay here for as long as you did all the while having little regard for the small things you could have done to make it seem as though you were grateful and/or appreciative. Today is a perfect example...You show up to my house, with no pre-warning or heads up, at 7am. Your shit was supposed to be gone yesterday yet there was no text saying sorry about not coming, no text asking me if it was alright if you came by at 7am (I would have said no), just no respect whatsoever. You figured you knew the garage code and would just come and go as you please, it’s fucking rude yet once again you didn’t seem to care.

To be clear, one little text saying thanks at the end doesn’t show gratitude, that’s obligatory and it’s disingenuous. There were a myriad of little things that you could have done to show respect. You could have offered up so much and you didn’t because you are so consumed by YOU that you didn't have the time to stop and think about how your actions affected everyone else around you. To be honest, I didn’t even know you were going to be staying at my house. I came home to a stranger and without batting an eye I continued to let you stay but unlike Star I will not sit there and give someone so much when they clearly don’t understand the depth of the blessings they have been given. I want to believe you are not a bad person in your heart but your actions, your follow through, your attempt to come out here and work to try to build something like you said you were going to do, was mediocre at best. GG, I’ve wasted too many years on selfish people and I don’t know you enough to want to extend myself any further because what I did learn of you, well I didn’t like most of what I saw and heard. I’m not just talking about the house either. Star has really done a lot for you and opened a lot of doors for you, but you are so blinded by your own self that you didn’t even realize the opportunities that were given because you were waiting for him to lay them all out perfectly and just hand everything over without you lifting a finger. I even gave you a list of photographers to reach out to and use my name and it was met with zero gratitude. Even beyond the lack of gratitude, you haven't even been living your authentic self because your authentic self (or so you have said) is someone that loves science and is a nerd at heart yet all you have been doing lately is flexing on the gram and worse, flexing a life that isn’t even yours, it’s Star’s!!!

Now I KNOW you are going to say that wasn’t your intention or how you feel it went down but it’s not always about just your perception, your side of the story, is it?!? Perception is reality and unfortunately everyone's vantage point is different creating realities beyond only what you see. The way I see it, you care about you and you only. You just do things and deal with consequences with little to no regard of anyone else and how they might be affected.

I promise that if you continue down this path you will continue to burn bridges and in the end you will be surrounded the vapidness that is this world you’re clamoring for. Not that you care but this bridge has been obliterated, I will never extend my hand to you again. You bit the hand that fed you and I am not the idiot that sticks my hand back out believing it won’t happen again. Your lie today was the final straw for me. You showed your true colors and that was all I needed.

I hope this message strikes a chord with you and really makes you stop to take inventory of your actions and what you are doing with your life otherwise you have a long life ahead that is going to feel empty even if you're in a room full of people.

I wish you the best.

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