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All of this to say, I am glad it was you...April 15, 2017

Dear Twin Flame,

Being able to describe an emotion that exists between two people, no two lovers, is that of a difficult task. How do you explain to someone the emotions that ran through your blood, the images imprisoned in your mind, the sounds you heeded and most importantly the way your body felt up against another?

Last night there was a temporary moment in time where all worlds seemed to collide. It was a moment in which all stars were aligned and everything in the galaxy seemed to just be tranquil. The wind didn’t blow, the clock didn’t tick, and everything in existence came to an abrupt halt.

As I looked up from the bed I saw you staring back at me and in this brief instant, I was paralyzed, captured by your fervent glare. Your entire soul embodied your physical being and it was as though I was able to see you reach a place that few will ever go. Like me, you were captured by the moment. Your hands delicately glide down my body and your glare quickly turned into an adoring gaze.

The chemistry that has been spoken of only in books was alive and genuine. This was real; no person existing on this planet could describe this powerful chemistry. No words needed to be said because every breath that had been taken up to this point in our lives was being exhaled through our eyes. Every emotion that could have been expressed with words was felt at every nerve ending in my body. The heat that was that was generated between our two bodies somehow became a life of it’s own taking with it the warmth of two people making love and spreading it around the room.

I closed my eyes and was able to hear the melodic sounds of time passing on while at the same time defining an instant that will inhabit my spirit indefinitely. These sounds are unique for each human being and once you hear these majestic echoes flood through the inner walls of your psyche you will discover the enchanted world in which I now inherit.

Like I said before, these feelings seized between two people at a moment in which vulnerability is a definite and love is a must, are affections that I am not able to depict in words that would make sense to even the keenest man.

All of this to say, I am glad it was you.

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