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Don't give less of yourself, you are an angel...January 9, 2019


It hurts my heart to hear you say you feel stupid.  You are a great friend!! You go above and beyond for the people around you (I am no exception and I have only known you for a few years).  Your love, generosity and humor are the qualities about you that make me love and appreciate you so dearly.  I have learned through my journey these last few years that it is not meant for us to change who we are because we are scared people might take advantage of us or worse yet not appreciate the gifts offered to them.  Please don’t ever change who you are!!!  Don’t give less of yourself because someone has failed to see what a blessing you are in their lives, you are an angel.  Anyone that tries to make you feel dumb or says things like “I told you so” are only trying to solidify a place in your world and they feel that bonding over someone else’s shortcomings elevates them in some way. Don't listen to that noise!  

It is not are not dumb!  

If people need to exit your life for whatever reason, it simply boils down to them needing to go on a journey to find out who they are without you and THAT IS OKAY!!!  You guys may find a path back together and you might not but the journey will take the course the way it’s supposed to and as long as you stay true to who you are in your heart, then there are no apologies needed nor should you feel dumb.  Why would you?!?  For loving and caring for someone??  For taking care of a person you wanted to see expand the potential of who they didn’t see they could be??  No matter what story they tell themselves and everyone else, when they find themselves they will realize they were their own worst enemy.  

You just continue to move forward with love in your heart and that’s all you can do.  I absolutely fucking adore you.  You are a great friend!!  We all have our shortcomings, we are human, and thank god for that because it’s the shortcomings that bring us together to learn from one another.  

You are a goddamn gem and I love you to death!!!!!

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