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Life only becomes unfair when we take it for granted...July 1, 2013

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Dear Little Brother,

I had no idea our conversation would be everlasting and affect you in such a major way. That's the thing about words...they have the ability to carry on long after they come out of your mouth.  I am grateful that I was able to make even the smallest impact on you if it helps you move forward in even just a micro inch. 

You never know if the hardships you endure and the lessons you learn from them will serve any purpose and your email proves exactly the point I was trying to make the night we had our conversation at dinner.  My pain, my loss, my experience served another higher has, in some way, helped you understand your loss. 

Your vision of me as your older sister is so incredibly sentimental and touching. You are an incredible human being and I am honored to call YOU MY BROTHER! 

I will cherish this letter for an eternity and read it over and over for years to come because it helps me with my own personal strength as well. 

It's funny when I told a friend of mine about Tom getting brain cancer her response was "life is so unfair". I replied "Maybe...but maybe not.  It's just life.  We aren't born with the promise of longevity we just expect it so we need to all quit living as if we will be here forever because you never know when forever will become tomorrow. Life only becomes unfair when we take it for granted."

I promise to not take your email and your love as my brother for granted.  

I love you to the ends of the earth and back!

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